Whether you are proposing to construct a dual occupancy, a residential/commercial building or to complete a 100 lot subdivision, a Section 73 Certificate will be on your checklist as an essential task to action. You cannot legally connect to Sydney Water infrastructure without one!

Here's the 5 critical steps involved in obtaining your Section 73 Compliance Certificate:

#1 Contact a WSC

Contact a Water Servicing Coordinator approved by Sydney Water to obtain a quotation for all works involved. This WSC will investigate your development and the sewer/water infrastructure required to meet Sydney Water’s requirements.

#2 Submit an application for a Section 73

The WSC will make an application on your behalf for your Section 73 Certificate and will use either their own experts or approved sub-contractors for review and design commencement.

#3 Manage the Construction Phase

When the designs are completed and approved by Sydney Water, an experienced Project Manager from the WSC will manage the construction phase in conjunction with your accredited Sydney Water constructor.

#4 Final Submission

Once works are completed as per Sydney Water’s requirements, the WSC will put together the final package for submission to Sydney Water.

#5 Section 73 Issued

Upon successful review of the final package Sydney Water will issue you with your Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

Choosing the Right WSC

As you can see, it is vital to choose a Water Servicing Coordinator that has the necessary experience and expertise as well as wide range of technical skills to ensure your development is not delayed because of water infrastructure related problems.

RAR offer our team of experts to guide you through this process. From organising your application through to design, construction management and project finalisation we are your one stop coordinators to get your Section 73 Certificate.

The sooner you start the process of obtaining your Section 73 Compliance Certificate the better, so Apply Online NOW without obligation or Contact Us for more information.